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Delivery within the city (Gent and Brussels) - Same-day delivery, if ordered before 10 AM.
Delivery outside the city - Order 24 hr in advance, minimum order €100.
Delivery charges - Order less than €50, delivery charge €5. Free delivery for orders above €50.

Discover the Authentic Flavors of Lebanon at Beiruti

Welcome to Beiruti, the Lebanese restaurant that serves delicious dishes and delivers to your doorstep in Ghent and Brussels! Whether you're looking for a healthy lunch, a tasty dinner, or catering for an event, we have everything you're looking for.

Our Diverse Menu

Our menu offers a wide range of delicious Lebanese dishes, from traditional to a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Whether you live or work near Gent or Brussels, we have the perfect solution for your culinary needs. Order from us for a tasty and healthy meal delivered to your home, so you can enjoy our delicious dishes without worrying about the preparation. Or come visit our restaurants to taste our authentic Lebanese dishes and discover why we're so popular in Gent and Brussels.

Order from Beiruti for an unforgettable culinary experience and discover why we're so popular with vegetarians, vegans, and foodies from all over the world.

Do you have an event?

Discover our catering options for events and let us provide your next party, meeting, or gathering with delicious and healthy dishes. We offer a wide range of options, from mezze and salads to meat dishes, and even dessert options that are perfect for surprising your guests.

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